FGR Base Alpha


First Raid on Arrows: After recieving the admin pw from a source inside Arrows, we took the initiative and hit them immediatley.

Date: Some time in late February

Members: NightStalker, Joshua Skywalker, Athing, Neyo22/HALO (and some others, if u participated and dont see your name tell me)

Terrain: Mos Eisly, duels, enemy territory

Details: Upon coming in in force and taking the admin pw, we banned cyk, and shouted some anti-pwn propaganda under the admin chat (which pissed alot of people off =) ); however, cyk used remote manager to bann us all

Status: Draw/ no result

Key Notes: Finaly alerted the main arrows body of our presence and our goals.



Second Raid on Arrows: Again, our little spy gave us the lovely admin pw to the server. So once again we rallied and attacked...

Date: sometime in March

Members: Scorpion, Shadow, Dorin

Terrain: Mos Eisly, Duels, enemy territory

Details: This time, we banned 2 admin (^Shaggydog and ^hopz^(?)<i think..) before changing the map to endor, and shouting even more anti-pwn propaganda/flame. We then shut down the server before it could be recovered by any of the opressors. =)

Status: Victory


Saint Patty's Day Initiative: After Hellhound brazenly declared hostilities with =(FGR)=, we took his challenge and started a fight which was meant to set off a spark to a larger war.

Date: March 17, 2011 (Saint Patricks Day)

Members: Scorpion, Crusher, Shadow, Neyo/Markarov

Terrain: Kashyyyk, GCW, rebel territory

Details: The 3 Faction Commanders accepted Hellhound's challenge in the thought that and armed conflict with him and his allies would provoke a larger war. The first salvos opened up when Hellhound and his companion "Hellhound #2" opened fire on a tank piloted by Shadow. The battle mainly consited of Shadow and Crusher speeding about on explosive-laced bikes ramming by the un-coordinated pwners. In addition to this, Scorpion once again called upon his marksmanship, and picked of exposed enemies. In the midst of a battle with =(FGR)= slowly gaining the upperhand, comrade Neyo showed up and piloted at tank to blast their CP's as they spawned. When the ordinances had ceased, and the dust had settled, the score lay simple: =(FGR)= 139/150, Hell 22/150.

Status: Victory

Key Notes: Contrary to plan, the incident never sparked a larger conflict. Instead, Hellhound surrendered to Shadow, the first of such honors for the young officer, and formaly ended the war. The battle is still veiwed a major sucess for the rebel cause.


-GMRZ- Assault: After ^Ewok^ had came, got sked a few times, and left, Comrade Smith gave us the braizen idea of attacking -Gmrz- No Force duels server.

Date: April 3, 2011

Members: Shadow, Smith, Hellhound, Neyo/Markarov, EaTeR

Terrain: Mos Eisly, Duels, hostile stronhold

Details: The raid was completly blank. All the Comrades rusehd in and begain shouting and cussing while disrupting stuff. No enemies were able to boot us, but chaos erupted in our ranks so nothing came out of the attack at all.

Status:  Draw/ no result


Scorp and Shadow decide to start a Battle...: A bored Scorpoin, and Shadow itching for a fight after the previous night, decided to make an FGR vs. ALL server.

Date: April 4, 2011

Members: Shadow, Scorpion, EaTeR

Terrain: Kashyyk, GCW, Rebel Territroy

Details: Only 3 members showed up, and at least 9 different pwners at different but overlapping time periods came on, including ^Wraith^, Eredita, (dcif) MASTER, i guy that i am 99% convinced is Rezo in disguise, DDC D3$$3RT, and whole lot of people who were gona "kick our ass". Enemy forces had little to do with each other, and were sked and sniped off as individuals. Shadow relied on heavy tank support to overun enemy CPs and give EaTeR and Scorpion cover fire. EaTeR found it fun to strap mines to his speed bike and ram them into pwners (to wich they whined and called us noobs) and Scorp, as always, sniped them.  As the final reinforcements drew low, they all switched to the alliance team, and whined that we should "Start over" and do "deathstar instead". but they still could not deny the score was 69-1 (cus we cheated) lol.

Status:  Victory

Key Notes: Invention of "remotedroid bomb", and a complete victory over randomly assorted and heavily skilled "pros" while being outnumbered 2-1 (6-3) serves as further proof of FGRs emergence as a force to be reckoned with.



Rouge Army


Tri-Part Battle: After amassing forces on a server, the rebellion hatched a two-part plan to fight the opressors..

Date: April 10, 2011

Members: NightStalker, Shadow, Scorpion, Makarov, Smith, EaTeR, Clone (with aid from Dak)

Terrain: Mos Eisly Duels, Enemy Territory  + Hoth, GCW, Rebel Territroy +Kashyyk, GCW, Rebel Territroy

Details: Scorpion, Shadow and Smith raided GMRZ No-Force server, while Stalker and Clone created a homefeild battle. The raiding party was sucessful in creating lag, chat spamming, and severly disrupting duels (enough so that 2 people left) but met little sucess in baiting the pwners into following them. Meanwhile Stalker, Clone and Dakota held out against an [NR] offensive on our home territory. After the Imps were forced down to 1 cp, the numbers dwindled for the combined emenies. After defeating them on hoth, Scorpion continued the fight on Kashyyk, and with an overwhelming Rebel force, anihilated [NR] General Gree. Comrade Clones significant effort made its presence known, and even as numbers slowly evened out, the battle was to far lost. [NR] Gnrl. Gree threw a hissy fit about us being noobs and left, and his allies were left to be picked off alone before Scorpion had to leave.

Status:  Draw-Victory-Victory

Key Notes: Never before has =(FGR)= outnumbered any hostile clan on the battlefeild. This battle may also spark a larger war with NR. This also marks the beginning of our teamwork paying off, and larger numbers and tactical mindset shiting the tides of battle.


Rebel Yell: A unaware, and unsuspecting FGR detail created a post-meeting battle server. However a long-time enemy, (BLC)FEAR (a.k.a Scream) attacked the small group.

Date: April 11, 2011

Members: Crusher, Shadow, Scorpion, Joshua Skywalker, Makarov, Smith, EaTeR, Clone(with aid from Chaos Colonel Justin)

Terrain: Polis Massa, CW, Rebel Territory +Yavin 4, GCW, Rebel Territroy

Details: The Menace FEAR, now known as "Scream", attacked the Rebels awaiting a light, and un-eventful battle on Polis Massa. His reputation for terror de-moralized them, before ^Spy Guy^ and DDC D3$3RT epic showed up and added to the ensuing chaos. The overwhelmed General Crusher did all he could to raly the troops, but the chaotic scrimage walked out a draw (FGR barely in the lead) Commander Scorpion took the initiative and di-verted the battle to his own server, where the enemies gained a small lead in the begining, but the charismatic officer and his dedicated rebel fighters, and a new-found ally of FGR, rallied forward and drove them back. The final stages of the fight, a fearless Scorpion and his newly motivated comrades rushed down the hill adjacent to the aquaduct and kept a continuos SK-mine offensive that pushed the flustered (whiny and angry) to final defeat.

Status:  BARELY Victory

Key Notes: An relliable ally that followed the plans, orders and tactics was found, we made dessert cry =)


Who Ordered the Take-out?: CaC ldr. ModPwn was just terrorizing some players as usual, when scorpion caught up, and made him a challenge: ModPwn wins, Scorp quits FGR, Scorp wins, Modpwn quits CaC...

Date: May 27, 2011

Members: Scorpion

Terrain: endor, GCW,

Details: Winner was determined by first one to reach ten kills, unlike the expected skirmish, a cat-and mouse game followed between the pro leader, and the noobish guerrilla commander amongst the jungle underbrush of Endor. Final score was MoDpwn-2 kills, Scorpion -10!!

Status:  VICTORY!!!!!


Kashyyyk Redemption: Sgt. Justin (formerlt Chaos Col.Justin) implied that low morale was one of many reasons FGR has poor membership turnout and recruitment. Scorpion also wanted to test the new officer in combat, so started an FGR vs. Pros server.

Date: June 6 , 2011

Members: Scorpion, Justin, Crusher, (Bryce?)

Terrain: kashyyk, GCW, territory

Details: This was another simple homefeild, defensive victory. Scorpion as always led the day with his sniping while Crusher constantly suicide-speeder biked them. Although suffering from severe lag, Justin fought valaliantly and held his own in a tank. A pwner known as [$$$]Heatmaster is quoted with saying both "Stupid noobs, always blame your death on lag" and "This server is too laggy, i quit". <Talk about hippocrasy

Status:  Victory


Kashyyyk Redemption: Part II: A noob named Darth Zeke came to an FGR server and reported abuse and harrassment by a clan named Darth. After many attempts to get Darth to man up and face us, we gave up, and made another FGR vs. Pros server. Many enemies, and fanaly darth (their leader under a false alias) showed up to face the rebel lead...

Date: June 7 , 2011

Members: Scorpion, Justin, Crusher, Sharp, Halo, 5% off Slurpee

Terrain: kashyyk, GCW, rebel territory

Details: This battle kicked of with FGR being confused and unorganized, a pwner named [Hayzer]rec.pro going through rebel ranks like butter. Finaly (and ironicly as more enemies showed up, FGR got itself together and fought back hard. Comrade Sharps sniper skills were extremly proficent amongst the heat of confilct. Scorpion, Sharp and Halo helped box the onslaught of enemies in with 3-way sniper coverage. No where was safe from their deadly aim. Crusher, although being and Airforce member, led the armored assault on their infantry. Final score was FGR-38, Pro-19.

Status:  Victory

Key Notes: Further proof that Sgt. justins ideas were working. This was re-inforced when FGR and DRGN had a "training simulation" (fw)(whatever you call pointlessly shooting enemies you dont hate) and many members showed up.

Freedom Rising


Mandolorian Incident: A left-over from the recent Darth Ki conflict, Mandolorian was targeted for general harrassment of noobs, and spreading his ways into other nuetral clans, mainly Trainer and {DRGN}. After some little spark battle with Crusher, the Rebel army took him on.

Date: June 27-28 , 2011

Members: Scorpion, Justin, Crusher, Athing, Halo, Vegeta, AFancyNerd, shadow

Terrain: kashyyk, GCW, rebel territory

Details: Fighting started off balanced, and stayed that way from there. Neither side held any significant advantage, other than =(FGR)=s numbers and Mandolorians sheer skill. The battle remained pitched at 27-26 reinforcments. The second day was no less as intense. Mainly tank units were used, but some sniping and mine rushing occured on both sides. Final score was FGR-3 Mandolorian -0.

Status:  BARELY Victory

Key Notes: A member named "Darth Ino" was apperently a "traitor" (idk if he was actualy fighting against us or just being a moron) However, this shows an interesting fact, that when in a battle to drain enemy reinforcments, the side with LESS fighters actualy holds the advantage (makes sense when you think about it)


Geonosis Offensive: Afer days of fakers trying (futily) to infilitrate the ranks of FGR, NightStalker caught some BLC dick impersonating Scorpion, (pretty obvious since the map was tanative, and Scorp says "If i could forever destroy 2 stock world maps, they would be Deathstar and tanative") he was challenged to an FGR vs BLC war. Looser gets disbanded.

Date: July 8 , 2011

Members: NightStalker, Justin, Nothing, Rory, Caser, Dorin, Linksa

Terrain: Geonosis, CW, rebel territory

Details:Although stupidly accepting what was 4 v 1 on enemy territory from the get-go, fake scorpion soon found himself under even greater threat when Rory, Linksa, showed up, and his own recruit, Caser, turned against him. Despite the fact that he had more targets (and therfore a better chance of killing somone) The battle started out a massacre. After the AT-TE was rendered useless, he could do little except fend off the inevitible ambushes awaiting his every spawn. The arrival of Paperclip/ ^Wraith^ (with a hack name i might add) was his only saving grace. However, even in the midst of total chaos and little order amongst rebel ranks, BLC retreated with the score 18-40. Paperclip fought on, but his jett-pwn tactics could not save him from a wall of ordinance.

Status: Victory

Key Notes: Even though FGR had little tactical cooperation (we had some, but not as much as we mustered before) and a bigger and easier target, BLC couldnt beat us full-force. This also gives us the propaganda victory of BLC and ^Arrows^ cooperation, which will undoubtly benifit us in the future.


Swamp Skirmish:The leader of the fakers, Tom accepted a disband war.

Date: July 12 , 2011

Members: NightStalker, Crusher, Clone, Goten/Vegeta/Trunks

Terrain: Felucia,GCW, rebel territory

Details: Fighting was breif and decisive until Tom ran away. Both the rebel tanl and AT ST were used to the rebellions advantage. Stalker ran in and out of the bushes, attacking Tom. Score was 50-39

Status: Victory


The Longest Day:Afer days of fakers unfruitful attempts to "destroy us" we finaly convinced Tom and a hostile claiming to be ModPwn to fight us.  It would amount to 4 entire battles, and when the dust settles, will be a fight FGR should never forget.

Date: July 13 , 2011

Members: Scorpion, Crusher, Clone, Goten/Vegeta/Trunks, Halo, Justin, Montressor, Nothing, Ninja, Crap, Otter

Terrain: Hoth + Geonosis, both eras, Rebel Territory

Details: Fighting started out 1-sided, with FGR's air-supperiority pounding rockets into anyone trying to do anything about the harrassing tanks and snipers rolling around the republics side of geonosis. FGR only mounted 2 casualties.

After this, Tom had to be-rechallenged, and Modpwn came back as "Tom2" FGR reinforcements came and went, at one point down to only 4. This next stage was much harder won. Rebel forces were torn appart by excessive AT AT assaults, and people who liked to steal the snowspeeders.

The map turned to geonosis after initial 7-point victory on hoth. The next Geonosis remained almost like the last, except tanks and sniper fire kept the enemy pinned so Crusher and Clone could mount guided missile support.

Last stage of the battle took place on Hoth, after winning Geonosis with a 32 point lead. This time, we remebered our mistakes, while the enemy shouted threats and futiliy tried to spread nazism (NO LITTERLY, TOM 3 WAS SPITTING WORDS LIKE RIGHT OUT OF HITLERS MOUTH, i kid you not) so sniper fire, and ever-present air supperiority sealed the deal...

Final score out of 4 (whole battles ) was =(FGR)= 4, Tom -0.

Status: Victory x4


 Chaos Hours...: One day, we just kina got in a lot of random fights...

Date: July 16 , 2011

Members: Stalker, Scorpion, Crusher, Clone, Goten/Vegeta/Trunks, Halo, Justin, Nothing, Ninja, Crap, Otter, Johnnykins skywalker, Montressor, Athing, Slurpee

Terrain: Hoth + Geonosis + Kashyyk, both eras, Rebel Territory - Naboo, GCW, Enemy Territory

Details: Well... The procession of battles goes like this...

-Scorpion, Athing, and Crusher fought Mando 3 v 1 on Geonosis (to prove that we could fight better with less people, cus when it was 7 v 1 we only won by 3) Crusher used remote rockets and Scorpion layed sniper coverage, while Athing scouted. Mando said it was rigged but hes just pissed he lost

-Scorpion, Athing, Slurpee went to {Anti-FGR}Hermits server, and that was extremly f*****g rigged. They fought hard to earn a narrow lead on ground that is semi-unsuitable for fighting (Naboo is not good, but its not the worst) of course they had to dodge "Death Star Lasers" (were hermit would use FC command kill all units on the rebel team) and battle the fact that Empire had every buff he could use... In addition to the fact that tanks were locked until he got in one, then when he died he locked them again... Hermit put AI on the rebel team to make the score easier to narrow, he also put arrows over everyones head and got his buddies to fake FGR, then kill themselves, Scorpion dediced it was best to fall back...

-FFN fought Crusher and Johnny on Kashyyk, along with BFXC allies (GODDAMNIT PEOPLE WE DONT NEED ALLIES) and chases them off i guess...

-Scorpion went 1v1 sniper on hoth against "Bigfoot" (Toms allias...) 10 - (bigfoot ran away)

Status: None

Details: For mando I say only this, "War doesnt see cheaters, only the victorious and the defeaten"


Hermit Beat-down Part I: A notorious douche-bag called Hermit, started shit with FGR cus thats what jerks do... So we challenged him to a fight.

Date: July 24 , 2011

Members: , Stalker , Crusher, Clone, Goten/Vegeta/Trunks, Justin, Ninja, Johnnykins skywalker, Athing

Terrain: Hoth + Geonosis + Kashyyk, both eras, Rebel Territory - Naboo, GCW, Enemy Territory

Details: The first stage of the battle took place on Geonosis... We destroyed him with remote rockets and sniper fire. Hermit through a temper tantrum. So we comprimised for Kashyyk, we again mine rushed and used heavy artillery fire. Hermit again threw a temper tantruam, so he demanded Naboo. We then created a tank column and went up and down the streets killing him and Mando...

Status; 3-0 VICTORY!!!


Hermit Beat-down Part II: Again, that dickhead Hermit tryed to start crap with us, so again we fought him....

Date: July 27 , 2011

Members: , Scorpion , Crusher, Clone, Goten/Vegeta/Trunks, Justin, Ninja, Johnnykins skywalker, Athing

Terrain: Hoth, GCW, Rebel Territory - Kashyyk, GCW, Enemy Territory

Details: The fight started on Hoth, we began kicking his butt, as he dutifly showed us his extensive (no-existant) knowledge of war... We were beating him terribly (like 140 - 78) with a combination of Speeder support, sniperfire, turret cover and the infamous and inevitable guided Rocket fire... So Hermit threw a temper tantruam and said he would fight us on his server. Scorpion reluctantly agreed. When they got there Hermit threw a fit that we were using tanks, then that we were SKing... so then he starts editing the score to gives us like 50 and himself 498 (sadly we never got below 40 yet we pushed him down to like 430) so then scorpion manages to get him to quit cheating and set it back to 100-100, so then we start winning and he throws a hissy fit and quits..

Status: Victory...

Key Notes:Now Hermit claims he beat us on utapau earlier that day, but i dont think Athing (for like 5 minutes) a fake Jasmine, fake Crusher, "allied" people, AI and some random dumbheads who couldnt talk counts as "Us"


Hitler's Wrath: On Halo: Evolved, Comrade Smith had a recruiting server, he was attacked by [NAZI] Hitler (cus he just sounds like an FGR loving person....) and his gang of pwners...

Date: July 28 , 2011


Terrain: N/A (cough*smith*cough)

Details: The 2 possible recruits quit cus "they didnt want any part of a fight" (what pussies) And Smith went lone-wolf sniper/tank SKer until Hitlers buddies quit and he was left 1v1 with Hitler, to which hitler shouted some insults and ran away...

Status: Victory/Draw

Key Notes:The first signiffcant battle on Halo: Combat Evolved


"Ninja Elemental Warrior Clan" smashing...: FGR's most favorite person, started a loony power hungry clan with pipe called ninja masters or somthing...

Scorp beat them 1 v 5 with a sniper, then me and crusher shot them donw 2 v 2 in space pretty much.......

not much.... who cares...


 BFXC Battle: BFXC had been doing alot of stuff to piss us off, coming to our meetings, telling us we had to follow their rules, forcing our comrades to fight for them, making hateful and discriminatory remarks towards noobs, and acting like theyre better than us, then going the distance to lie and tell us its fakes, all the while violating our private meetinng server and making more hateful remarks towards noobs...

Date:Nov 5

Members: Sent, Scorpion, Crusher, Mont, Carfer, Ninja, Saga, Athing

Terrain: Hoth, GCW, Rebel Territory

Details: BFXC was eager to fluster and enrage us, but not eager to fight. 4 BFXC members showed up, along with 2 allies. The battle was pretty much Airial bombardment, with Scorp providing cover fire for Ninja and Athing. The rebel attempt was flaunted, mainly to user error and miscommunication, costing 12 casualties due to nuetral deaths (crashes, mostly) However, BFXC could barely get any legitimate shots off, and resorted to joining the rebel team, then respawning... But even this could not stop the power of combined arms.... Finaly, Crusher showed mercy when the score was 130 - 67 (and thats after BFXC ignored Ace's cease fire) And Ace surrendered.

Status: Victory 

Key Notes: wow... a clan where Goten is the smartest person there....


Happy Hunting: =(FGR)= Bigfoot, a known fake, and major pervert (both boys and girls) was faking =(FGR)= recruiting servers, AGAIN, Scorp busted his balls and proved him wrong... Bigfoot challenged Scorp 1 v 1, if Scorp wins, bigfoot has to stop faking, if Bigfoot wins, Scorp has to quit FGR and "tickle bigfoots feet"...

Date: Nov 7

Members; Scorpion

Terrain: Endor, Rebel territory

Details: Scorp was almost invisible 90% of the battle, and killed him 10 times, to Bigfoots 0 kills....

Status: Victory


Some random fags want DW with FGR...: Some random fags, Raphiel, and some .escape. clan guy, challenged all of FGR vs them in a DW... So we accepted...

Date: Nov 12, 2011

Members: Athing, Stalker, Crusher, Sent, Mont

Terrain: Hoth, Rebel territory

 Details: Not much, they complained while dominant FGR airpower pumelled them. Further proof that pros are stupid. the end.

Status: Victory


 Scorp V. Bigfoot (again): Scorp kicked bigfoots ass on Endor (sniper) 10 - 0 (again)


Stalker V. Tom: Stalker kicked Tom's ass on dagobah (rifleman)10 - 0


The Tom (TA) Wars: A series of collective strikes and beat-backs by =(FGR)= on the notorious Tom, an asshole who likes to fake us because he is a pro peice of crap. Pretty much he lost every single time, so he realized fighting us on the battlefeild was futile and began spreading rumors. He also spread his war on our new allies, the Sith, who also beat his ass so he resorted to spreading rumors about them. He Finally gave up when every single one of his members quit and he realized he couldn't win. But not before defiantly shouting "you havent seen the last of me"...

Date: April 2011 - January 2012

Status: Victory


SGFC Strike: A clan named SGFC became enraged at us for no apparent reason, other than we are noobs and their "freinds" told them to hate us. Also beleived that when we booted their leader because we felt like it, he became angered at our disrespect for his skill and set out to "teach us a lesson".

Date: Mar 30, 2012

Members: Scorp, Crusher, Makarov, Rex, Sentinel, ACDC

Terrain: Geonosis, CW, Rebel Territory

Details: Pros valaintly cantered onto the feild of battle with their flags held high and their egos held higher. After two failed assaults, the pros resorted to hiding in the republic-held half of geonosis and foolishly trying to convince us to give away air supporiority (not gonna happen). This only resulted in MORE pro casualties and gave Scorp a free ticket across the battlefeild, also aleivieting pressure on the marines gaurding Crusher. After a quite futile and predictable attempt of going CIS and killing themselves they launched a 3rd offensive, managed to momentarily rob crusher of his rockets, cause some chaos, before being blown to peices until nothing remained...

Status: Victory


First Blood: {DarkSith}, RSES, BH were all preparing for a joint-war on the Sith Academy and =(FGR)=. An =(FGR)= member dared them to fight us, and being the under-witted egotistical morons they are, came 5 mins late (as always) and expect us to be pushovers (as always).

Date: Apr 14, 2012

Members: Scorp, Crusher, Makarov, Mont, Sentinel, ACDC, Squirtle, WIndhover

Terrain: Geonosis, CW, Rebel Territory

Details: It was a bloodbath. They outnumbered us 6 - 5, and well torn to shreds by arial bombardment and combined Guerrilla - Marine sniper fire. Little changed except how they shifted their gaze from trying to win, to find excuses on why the massive defeat somehow dosent count. Lord Syniclus made a comment about our "pathetic lil pistols" not 3 seconds before a guided missile impacted his feet. Final score out of 150 initial reinforcements was 126 - 0.

Status: Overwhelming Victory

 Key Notes: Xeon claims the victory dosent count because it wasnt convo pack, Syniclus claims it wasnt legit because we booted him when he went on our team and starting killing himself (that desperate), BH claims it dosent count because we were gunners and they are a duel clan, RSES claims it dosent count because we tricked them into fighting " a war we [they] dont [didnt] want to fight yet" (EMPHASIS ON THE YET)

 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- + + +

The BH Raid: {As told by Cmdr. Montressor} After weeks of hostilities with BH, and a war, BH finally grew the balls to sabatoge our own recruitment server.

Date: April 17, 2012 Members: Mont, Sent, MountainAir, DragonGirl

Terrain: Geonosis, Rebel Territory

Details: Mont had a recruiting server up, shortly before he was about to close it a few people started to join, one ofe these players was DragonGirl. In the midst of giving her a test, BH Masterkidd joins the server asking to speak with Crusher, but he was unable to be contacted. Masterkidd is shortly followed by other BH members. War erupts after they begin shouting at possible recruits not to join. Sent had to leave mid-battle, and =(FGR)= began recieving help from DragonGirl and =(FGR)=MountainAir. The battle looked grim at first, with how low the Rebel reinforcemnet count was compared to the Intruders. The Rebels were able to retake a CP, lock them, pound the BH forces with tanks and remote rockets, and eventually taking down the ATTE and disabling it. The Rebels pulled through a victory for a battle they were unable to be prepared for. After it had ended, =(FGR)= had proven to BH they could fight off any attack and not be defeated despite odds.

 Status: Victory

 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- + + +

BH Raid take 2: BH decided they would attack us now that we were outnumbered, this time we would pay for beating them back when they attacked us the 1st time...

Date: Apr 18, 2012

Members: Scorpion, Makarov, Squirtle (allies: Ki-adi-mundi, Terminus)

Details: A chaotic clusterfuck, =(FGR)= tried desperatly to overcome the situation. Both sides used vehicles and snipers, and the rebel army was without its infamous air suppremacy. However, BH acted like they had never fought on open ground before, and were easily cut down, with some managing to get in close and do that annoying ballerina - type fighting they do in close quarters. =(FGR)= Slowly gained allies and members (Squirtle, Terminus, and Ki-adi-mundi all showed up at various stages in the battle) while BH realized their efforts were useless and "got bored" of "useless fighting" as the casualty divide grew larger. BH finaly retreated ("off to do better things" they claim) Final Score: 105 - 82

Status: Barely Victory

Key Notes: A 3rd testimate to the low-efficency of BH fighting tactics.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- + + +

ShadowLord Smash-out: RSES Shadowlord, an enemy of =(FGR)= and our allies in the Sith (one of his recruiting questions was "what do you think of FGR and the Sith; the correct answer being negative feelings) Comes to our server ready to seek vengance for his earlier defeat.

Date: Apr 21, 2012

Members: Scorpion, Crusher, Montressor, Makarov, Athing(?)

Details: Massacre, pure massacre. Sniper fire, infantry assault, and airial bombardment destroyed him. He got only 3 kills, 2 were a both-way kill (inolving shooting a rocket at a speeder, and both parties die) and he killed Makarov only to take a sniper round to his nutsack. He ran away at score 147 - 118.

Status: Victory

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- + + +

Desert Vengance: After our old enemy Tom, Shadowlord (previously beaten that night) and Masterkidd ("best in the game, but only with sabres on his server, no force, no guns, no glitching") all panzied out of their chance to "kill us in 1 swipe/ day" like they had previously claimed; a traitor named Rex showed up to "get his revenge for us being noobs"

Date: Apr 21, 2012

Members: Stalker, Crusher, Makarov, ACDC

Details: Rex was no real problem, despite his "real skill", his hired buddies AUS-Deamonlord and {DARK} Isoptox were a plausible threat. Deamonlord was only an issue in close range, a fact quickly picked up on by sniper positions. Isoptox had a decent fight, considering he emplowed noob logic to pro skills. However, sniper coverage and air power again won out.

Status: Victory


Stalker vs. DarkAngel (DA): A random somone challenged Stalker to a 1v1. best out of 15, map Geonosis.

Date: May 12, 2012

Members: Stalker

Details: Stalker gained an early lead, with simple ambush sniper tactics, however a lucky hit took him down after about 4 kills. Stalker took to the hills again, but only gained a single kill before being flushed out. Dark Angel badly attempted at for real sniping, and sadly was better off doing it wrong. The fighting then degraded into close combat engineer vs managaurd, until DA "had to leave" (RQ) at score 13 - 6

Status: Victory


Empire's Finest Hour

Date: Sometime in summer, not worth remembering

Members: Montressor, Makarov, Sent, a few others (new)

Details: ~The Empire~ launched an assault to disturb our recruiting and failed misrebly.

Status: Victory


Tratoir's Reward

Date: September 9, 2012

Terrain: Utapau

Members: Montressor, Sentinel, Dorin, Ninja, ACDC, Scorpion, Crusher, and Skirllex. (Correct me if I forgot to add you, a lot of people showed up that day).\

Details: Ezy showed up with an unorganized assault force that was rapidly put down. 9th Hunter (and a few other lossers) was brought out of hiding to get his ass kicked and for this we have forgiven Ezy for his tratoirus acts. Ezy's army was kicked 52-Squat.

Status: Victory


REBORN's OFFENSIVE: (REBORN) leader MAW comes to FGR's recruit shouts "FGR will die" and the like. I tell him if he wants us gone then he should fight us. He accepts...

Date: May 22, 2013

Terrain: Hoth

Members: Mont, Windhover

Details: Maw comes to recruitment wanting us dead. They agree to a fight and surprisingly show up. Although only two or three of their members show up. MAW and Winz1er (some shit like that). The rest were a couple DAA troops and some dude named Huck who was supposed to help them. They were annihilated by air power and feeble attempts at bringing it down succeeded for a moment but ultimatlely failed miserably. When =(FGR)=Windhover shows up, one of the DAA's present begins ordering everyone to retreat. MAW didn't protest and left even though he was the one initiating the fight. Eventually they all leave with Winz1er returning a short time later only to rage quit within a few minutes. Final score was 138-81.

Status: Victory + 100